Matriarch (2010)

by Ellie Fortune

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Recorded 09/7/09-10/02/09 by Andy Morin in Sacramento, CA at A2B2.


released February 1, 2010

Thommy Minnick-bass
Kevin Corcoran-drums
Andy Morin-drums, percussion
Josh Ahlansberg-guitar
Jesse K. Phillips-guitar, vocals




Ellie Fortune Sacramento, California


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Track Name: He Came In
He came in midnight disguise
with rope in hand and watered eyes.
Took her life in violent stand and left her,
hanging, the butcher of man.

She was only seventeen,
everything a man could need.
Filled a pail with her body's blood,
took it in to feel God.

I lay down in river bed.
Suicide run through my head.
It takes a monster to kill his girl but it
takes a man to leave this world.
Track Name: Hollowed Out
Rooted, blanched, I've nowhere to go.

I'm hollowed out like a log on hallowed ground.
Still hollow now.
Washed, beating, slowly tapered out.

Pray you're okay to pick up my brains.
I wait for harmony.

Rooted, blanched, I've nowhere to go.
Track Name: Harlot
Bore in this crimson lace.
Harlot with a scarlet face.

This is man's animal in my skin.
It's a separated detached hold, cold, it rakes me from within, for this is no pleasure to keep.
It reeks of a mustache soiled, a dirty shirt and grin taking back the life I was given.

It was no friend and now it's dead.
It was no friend and now it's dying, erase.
Harlot with a scarlet face.

It doesn't matter what he said I'm not okay, I'm not okay.
It's imitated and inbred, I'm not okay
because it'd bring to many songs, so I'll wait to sing along.
Cleansing this hour will not be.
Deflower me and see I'm already gone.
Track Name: Goat
Take off my clothes.
I'm a child of a holy course, sing
worship knows God's a goat.

The witch has had her faun.
The pastor his son.
Sealed, nude and cold, God's a goat.

And you call for your righted wrongs to fit my skin but laughable is sin.
I no longer love the brooding, gilded wind.

A name with words to take,
you Birth,
you shook my hands to shape,
my attic to age.

The sage you seek is old and weak, He's the scent of your own perfume.
Hedonists falter, heathens bother you in all you do
and sing the song of my tune.
Track Name: Take Mine
He breathes the smoke from his lover's mouth.
He shakes to wake her soul.
"Take my word I'll be a better man, whatever you do just please don't go...

Take my baby away, almighty.
Afraid, I slip away."
Track Name: Summer Fable
Broke my father's window, the anvil's on his pillow.
Took me too long to go home.
Make another fable, God help me be able.
Makes me alone.
Summer's heat in male friends will make them fail.
Took you too long to go home.
Makes you alone.
Track Name: Amity
Woke up from the ground, bringing light to a sleeping town.

Hide your daughters, hide your sons, going down for the freshest ones.
Bag them up and make them kick, take them to the banks and make them slick.
What to do, what to say? Take their trust and make them pay.
Eyes will roll and teeth will grit, ecstasy is what I give.

Woke up from the ground, bringing light to a sleeping town.

Thigh and chest and mouth and tongue;
I will breath you in my lungs.
I will weave you in my loom.
I will pick you for my fruit.
The will of the river I got on will pull the flesh right off of your bones, no need to keep,
I'll throw away a thing so unclean, so unchaste.

Woke up from the ground, bringing light to a sleeping town.

Ma will pass and Pa will die, but I will live for one more night.
Last to win is virtuous, so I will come and take what's mine.
Track Name: Go To Work
Wakes up at 6 a.m. saying,

"Got to go to work. No more dust, from trunk and tusk,
I just can't hide my dirt. I look forward to substance abuse, something I could. Well, it makes me small, makes me hollow, I can't get enough of you."

It's borderline, wise and old in care.
The picture frame shadowing the mirror.

"Photograph and sinking path have taken all of me. Cavities in wisdom teeth, a hole for me to keep. Watchful glance will take take its chance and keep you on its plate, it will eat around you when it's found you, polished stones and draining lakes."

It's borderline, wise and old in care.
The picture frame shadowing the mirror.
Track Name: Dark Hour Blues
Too many agree, fit inside this ring for us two.
We hold our own true.
I've grown to choose excitable youth, to sow all the grain for the life I can't take.

Give to them gladly.
Break the bread from our grain.
Feed from outside the bending frame, which we'll use
in dark hour blues.

No harbor, slow go nights on this pillow.
Memories to cradle my bird to hold,
because without you it's dark hour blues.
Track Name: The Echo
If the plotting sum were to
make it numb, caught up in bridging.
Growing, going through the echo to
the fury.
Can't see.
And growing, going through the echo.

The echo.
The rind is peeling.
The echo.
The rind is peeling.

Because I'm afraid of the times, I beat up my mind.
Wide eyed, I've seen all the fights...
I lied, I ain't seen nothing yet.
Track Name: Upholding
Few so highly I hold.
My sights I'll lose.
Upon shy lucid stare, so crudely I wear the scent
of amorous care.

Soak this soap where my hands will not roam,
to a seedy little tomb I long to go.
Fateful merit black and glorious,
a seedy little tomb I long to go.
Still I feel hope to dream of beauty I long to know.

No more smoke I breathe.
No future I see, no mood.
As the altruist sighs do I mold with time?
Do I fuel a fire, or do I rest alone and long admire?
Track Name: Goldmine
Still she's a goldmine.
waves of a black sea cause the skin
to grow in as a shoreline, untouchable
for certain shores.
Still I aim to go.

Still I''m a coal mine.
Filth will seep in deeper as it'll move
the sheep to the wolf's eye and
the shepherd to lie.
He'll take your hide.

Stain the lot of a lifetime.
Break the laws of the divine
made to change what you spire with
what you pine.

Still she's a goldmine,
yet she'll serve as a requiem to leave the mind be.
Track Name: Wounds
Heart in the East, coveting Western wounds.

But I'm the mouth of a whore, no elegant port
to dock in slow.
Writhe in sensual throw to escape
my throne.

So make your hobby home, make it yours.
In favor to loom.
Swallow, the fool is made to feel the
Heart in the East, coveting Western wounds.

Four daughters made me, I'm glad.
Four daughters braided me, I'm glad.
Four daughters called for all I had.
For daughters saved me, I'm glad

Heart in the East, coveting Western wounds.